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“I played around with the flowers and the lighting, so that was a good way to educate myself.” – Robert Mapplethorpe
Much more than an amusing excercise, the carefully arranged play of light on the surface of still objects can transcend its own mundane aspect, by being the very essence of it. It was not without reason that still-life paintings were often a subtle reminder that all is vanity.

The following photographs, inspired by the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, are meant to convey a sense of eros, as is also noticeable by the cheeky titles. The calla lillies, at first glance pure white flowers, reveal themselves in their sexuality. This series, called “The Veiled Seduction of the Callas”, has been exhibited several times in Croatia, and was reviewed with kind words by the Croatian art critic, Dr. Sc. Natasa Segota Lah: “(…) Dessardo associates scenes within the morals of tabooed notions of homosexuality, nudity, sexuality... Does he quote the antique paragon of aesthetic adequacy? Whatever the case, inside the intimate precision of photography, he is mindfully dedicated to a delicate structure of petals' surface, a sharp contrast between a flower figure and the inaccessible darkness of its background. He purifies the context from any admixture that could endanger the focus of his interest, varying the same specimen, pointing at the unlimited field of a single thing's appearance (…)”