Ansel Adams once said a good photograph is knowing where to stand. That may well be. But a being a good photographer is also knowing how to see.

The photographer is by nature a voyeur, always curious. His everyday craft is finding where to direct his gaze, discovering new dimensions to the world around him. But the photographer must also have the sensibility of an artist: his artistry is to show the audience a new way to see what surrounds them.

Learning how to re-discover the world is a continuous exercise, and as a photographer it is my desire to share with you what brief glimpses of it I manage to capture.

And while my camera seldom leaves my side, always ready to record whatever I observe, portraits are the photographs I most enjoy taking. Portraits have a peculiar way of drawing our attention, as we find nothing more interesting than a fellow human being, on whom to observe the differences and recognize the similarities with ourselves. And so my main interest is portraiture - the exploration and mapping of faces primarily, but also of our other distinguishing features.